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International students have been and always struggling against the lack of transparency and information of study abroad consulting centers, misleading students from their study goals and their choice of a suitable learning environment. Consequently, Zila wishes to resolve those kinds of inadequacies in order to bring the best service to students at an appropriate price.

Zila’s core values centered on the fact that all of our works are done with passion and absolute effort.

– Vision: Zila’s utmost goal is to become the leading consultancy unit in Vietnam with regards to studying abroad in Korea.

– Mission: Zila carries the mission of bringing Vietnamese people to the level of globalized knowledge, helping the young generation to improve themselves – for they are the future pillars of Vietnam.

– Core values:

  • Commitment: Services associated with Zila are guaranteed to be carried out thoroughly and with concrete results
  • Responsibility: The Zila team always puts responsibility first
  • Devotion: Devote all the best services to students studying at Zila
  • Transparency: All study abroad costs are calculated clearly with a high level of transparency


Zila wants to bring to the students all kinds of excellent services at the most fitting price. Its goal is to become a reputable and trustworthy consultancy center for studying abroad in Korea.


Study abroad consultant

With more than 5 years of experience in recruiting and processing dossiers for studying abroad in Korea, Zila only selects good students who have intelligible study goals.

Korean language course

Zila understands the importance of using a foreign language when going to a foreign country, and as such, we prioritize opening Korean language classes suitable to each student’s language proficiency so that they can adapt to the new environment and learn by themselves.


Each year, Zila receives students from Korean universities to Vietnam, introducing them to work as interns at Vietnamese corporates. With a realistic internship program, students are presented with an opportunity to work and to experience the cultural life in Vietnam.

Visa consultant

Zila will provide support in the process of filing Korean Visa applications to customers who have the need to go to Korea, whether it is studying abroad, traveling, or visiting relatives.

Korean classes

Learning Korean is a vital step when coming to Korea. Zila will teach its students the basic Korean language from 3 to 6 months prior to enrollment.

Zila students in Korea

All students when coming to study in Korea will be supported by ZILA during their study progress and ZILA will cooperate with other universities for better management of international students.

Internship program

The internship is a realistic program of working incorporation. Korean students will have the opportunity to experience working in Vietnamese companies for 1 month. The program is designed and built by ZILA to better foster the connection between Vietnam and Korea.



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